• Clean air and water for all.
  • Sustainable and diverse ecosystems.
  • A quiet, safe and peaceful rural environment.
  • A local community built on environmentally and socially responsible practices.
  • Opportunities for healthy and safe indoor and outdoor recreation.
  • Valley planning and development that protects scenic, biotic and recreational values.
  • Protection of important ecological values and processes for future generations.
  • Important terrestrial and aquatic habitats and populations protected.


  • Monitoring and contributing to local planning, zoning and approvals processes.
  • Advocating for environmental protection and quality of life to all levels of government, industry and institutions.
  • Providing information and education to the public on all aspects of environmental quality in Lavington.
  • Liaising with other Lavington community groups and other environmental organizations in B.C. to promote mutual interests.
  • Seeking funding for, and delivering program activities in support of the society’s mission.
  • Participating in research in support of the society’s mission.
  • Taking legal action in support of environmental protection, when necessary and where appropriately funded.


  • Geoffrey Nielsen, President
  • Thomas Coape-Arnold, Vice President
  • Dian Wirth, Secretary & Acting Treasurer
  • Norbert Maertens, Director
  • Rose Breitkreutz, Director
  • Rudy Breitkreutz, Director
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