Lavington Life Society

Lavington Life Society is a non profit organization registered in British Columbia.

Our purpose is to protect and enhance a healthy community in Lavington, British Columbia.

We are currently administering the 2017 Coldstream/Lavington Woodstove Exchange Program.  

Funding from the B.C. Government, in partnership with the B.C. Lung Association, has been approved for 35 woodstove exchanges on a first come first serve basis. Trade in your old woodstove or woodstove insert for a new CSA-/EPA certified woodstove or insert, a high efficiency pellet stove or a gas, propane or electric stove and receive a $250 cash rebate. To be eligible, an old woodstove or insert must be replaced and the old appliance recycled, destroyed or disabled. Coldstream residents will also receive a matching $250 rebate from Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc.  Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. is required to match every $250 from the B.C. Government and B.C. Lung Association as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding between three members of Lavington Life, the Ministry of the Environment and Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc., dated June 17, 2016.  Participating retailers will be offering additional rebates of up to $150 for a total savings of up to $650.00.  For more information about the program, visit 2017 Coldstream/Lavington Woodstove Exchange Program or email: