2022 Coldstream/Lumby/ Cherryville Wood Stove Exchange Program


The BC Government in partnership with the British Columbia Lung Association have announced new incentives that will take effect September 15, 2021 and continue throughout 2022.  


1) $300 for the replacement of an uncertified or older wood-burning stove/insert/furnace to a new CSA/EPA certified wood appliance.

2) $500 for an exchange from an uncertified wood stove/insert/furnace to a certified pellet fueled appliance, natural gas or propane-fueled appliance.

3)$750 for the replacement of an uncertified wood-burning stove/insert/furnace to a heat pump.

4) Outdoor wood boilers (OWB) are now being considered for rebates as long as the new appliances meet legislated setbacks and are CSA/EPA certified.  Rebates are $350 for a wood upgrade, $750 for a pellet or gas upgrade, and $1500 for a heat pump upgrade. 

In some cases, where the resident can prove that they use their open fireplace for heating, a rebate of $500 will be considered for an upgrade to a natural gas or propane-fueled insert.

Participating retailers will also be offering discounts of $150 for a total savings of up to $1650 for Coldstream residents.  The Village of Lumby will match $250 for the first 2 applicants of 2022, (the matching rebate is for residents with postal code of V0E 2G0 only).

Rebates will be available on a first-come-first-served basis.  Coldstream residents will receive a matching  rebate from Drax (registered as Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc.)   Drax (registered as Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc). is required to match rebates from the B.C. Government and B.C. Lung Association as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding between three members of Lavington Life, the Ministry of the Environment and Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc., dated June 17, 2016.  The Memorandum of Understanding is the result of a mediated settlement of an appeal between Lavington Life members, the Ministry of the Environment and Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc.  

Retailers wishing to participate in the program should contact the program coordinator (Dian Wirth) at cswoodstove@shaw.ca 

A key component of the program is that the older non-EPA wood stove, wood insert or wood furnaceis destroyed and recycled.  To be eligible for the rebates from the B.C. Government and the B.C. Lung Association, residents must live in the District of Coldstream, Village of Lumby, Whitevale or Mabel Lake Road area, or the surveyed townsite of Cherryville .  Rebates are limited to one per customer per year.  They must purchase a new qualifying appliance, and the address where the unit is installed must also be within the District of Coldstream, Village of Lumby, Whitevale or Mabel Lake Road areas, or the surveyed township of Cherryville.  For information on which appliances qualify to be upgraded, and which appliances qualify as replacements visit the:  BC Government website


  • Visit your local participating retailer (listed below).
  • Determine if your old stove qualifies to be replaced.  The retailer can help you with this or email: cswoodstove@shaw.ca
  • Obtain a numbered tracking form from the retailer who will help you complete the form and forward the paperwork to the administrator of the program (Lavington Life Society).
  • Choose a new EPA-certified wood, pellet, electric heat pump or gas-burning hearth product (freestanding, fireplace insert or outdoor wood boiler).
  • Destroy and recycle your qualifying non-EPA old wood-burning appliance.  Some retailers will recycle the appliance for you and submit pertinent documentation.
  • Install the new appliance using a WETT certified installer or have the installation inspected by a WETT certified inspector.  If installing a gas appliance, submit a copy of the gas permit report.  Submit proof of installation/inspection.
  • Coldstream residents will receive two separate cheques sent directly to their mailing address, and if relevant, a “Burn it Smart” DVD and a moisture meter.  Lumby residents will receive one cheque, a “Burn it Smart” DVD and a moisture meter.  The first two applicants from Lumby (V0E 2G0) that qualify will receive an additional rebate of $250 from the Village of Lumby.

The old wood-burning appliance must be recycled and proof of recycling or destruction of the old stove must be provided (recycling documentation from landfill, or metal recyclers, or pictures of the old unit before removing and after disabling).  Stoves can be destroyed by taking the doors off and smashing the flue collar and door hinges.  Customers must also provide proof that the new appliance was installed in their residence according to safety standards by providing a  report from a WETT certified installer or proof that a gas appliance was installed with a gas permit. Rebates are limited – approximately 15-20 for 2022.   Therefore they will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis for those who meet all the program requirements.  Rebate money will be available starting January 2022 and will be available until December 31, 2022 or until all the rebates have been awarded.  Customers will obtain a numbered tracking form from participating retailers and following completion of the tracking form along with proof of recycling of the old stove, proof of purchase of the new qualifying appliance and proof of a WETT certified installation or proof of a gas permit, rebates will be processed by the program coordinator within approximately 30 days of receiving documents.    Qualifying products must be purchased within the same year as the rebate program (2022).

Participating retailers:

Home Building Centre-Vernon   4601 27th Street, Vernon, B.C. V1T 4Y8, Tel:  250-545-5384, Fax:  250-545-0083

Ace Building Centre, Lumby, B.C. – 2060 Shuswap Avenue, Lumby, B.C. V0E 2G0, Tel: 250-547-2121, Fax: 250-547-2004

Stonecast Impressions Ltd.,  2203 18th Avenue, Vernon, B.C. V1T 6P6, Tel: 778-475-6177, Fax: 778-475-6177

Sunfire Systems Ltd., 1879 Vernon Street, Lumby, B.C. V0E 2G0, Tel: 778-473-9008

For more information about the program, please contact Dian Wirth at 250 558 8207 or email:  cswoodstove@shaw.ca.  

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